who is mabel?

i'm a little bit of...

an image maker (photographer)
a disciple of design (graphic and web design student)
a problem solver (former software engineer)
a wrangler and chauffeur (mom)

my story

I am creative and an analytic. I love to create to nourish my well being, but I also love a good challenge to solve a problem. Can these two be married? When I found out that a graphic designer utilizes those two skills, a career change was in order.

You know the saying about coming around full circle. Well, that's how I feel about my creative journey. There was always this creative drive in me that I seem to suppress. I considered creative advertising in college but changed to computer science instead. While my career as a software performance engineer developed, I started to dabble in photography as a diversion from the day to day logical thinking of my job. Photography became my reprieve to open that bottled up creativity. I truly created photographs for myself. That fuel unfolded other opportunities for a creative path. What if I can have the best of both worlds?

So here I am ready to take on the challenge of visual communication. As a start, I designed and developed this website.


I'm honored to have a few of my images place and win in the Click VOICE photography competition.
2014 VOICE - Rule Breaker category
2015 VOICE - Composition & Design category
2018 VOICE - Objects category
2019 VOICE - Line & Shape category
2020 VOICE - Taking Shape category
2021 VOICE - Golden Hour best in category
2021 VOICE - Color Theory category
2021 VOICE - Minimalism category
2021 VOICE - Mobile category

I am humbled to have been included in this list of 100 Female Photographers to Watch in 2020.

Awarded the 2020 Foothill Judson Allen Memorial Photo Scholarship

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mabel chow
mabel chow looking through old camera