⌞broadway play poster

The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running Broadway play in history going on 32 years. These are reimagined poster concepts for the play centered around getting previous viewers to return for another showing.

phantom of the opera poster
phantom of the opera poster

creative brief

Purpose - To remind and persuade viewers to come back to watch and relive the magic of the classic Phantom of the Opera on Broadway again through a series of posters that have different scene reminders .

Audience - middle to upper class living in metropolitan areas who are aged 30-70 who may have watched the play at least once before.

Info Displayed - play name, theater location

Image Ideas: iconic scenes and songs that will remind viewers such as organ, chandelier, mask, candles, magic mirror, punjab lasso, box 5, musical monkey box, lyrics from songs

Adjectives: fresh look, nostalgic, lyrical


Most of these sketches are based off of getting people to watch Phantom again. There are plays on the lyrics and song titles, coupled with some iconic scenes.

final design

I went through a number of roughs that were not similar to the final designs. The roughs were based on some of the sketches but they didn't have the initial punch that a poster requires. However, I picked out a few elements that stood out for me and they were diagonal lines, large type, and simplicity. I looked back at my sketches and found the visual flow of the stairs to be the most appealing. With those in mind, I looked to the International Typographical design style as inspiration. With the first poster design done, the rest in the series followed with similar initial sketch ideas.

The Font. One of the key elements to making this poster concept work is the typography. I was looking for a sans serif, hefty but modern font that allowed for the letter 'O' to be read all ways. I found that in the Eagle font.

The Visuals. With the natural angles and simple geometric shapes of the Typographical design, simple representation of objects fit in the layout. Instead of any overly complicated stairs, just a series of short lines descending made up the stairs. Simple vertical lines imply piano keys. Varying vertical rectangles make a chandelier. A line and circle at the end represents the Punjab Lasso.

The Colors. The Phantom of the Opera takes place mostly in a darkly lit opera house and lair so a deep dark blue for the background was chosen to allow for contrast of the off white text. The different accent colors against the blue depend on the scene and are used to balance the composition.