Seeing beyond the familiar. That's what abstract photography is to me. The colors, texture, lines, and geometry all become livelier when I focus on a small piece of my subject or to capture the sensations that sparks me. I am inspired by painterly artistry and utilize intentional camera movement and/or in camera double exposure to make my photographic paintings.

abstract blue verticals lines abstract white curvy lines abstract complimentary orange and blue ocean sky abstract blue ocean triangle composition abstract red, yellow, green, blue rectangular shapes abstract wind blown mustard field abstract vertical red, orange, blue, green, and yellow lines abstract orange diagonal curves from bottom left to right top abstract yellow aspen trees abstract blue waves abstract beach
abstract golden sunset ocean abstract blue and grey horizontal lines abstract windy day at the beach abstract cotton stretched vertical clouds abstract fiery orange aspen trees abstract black and white contour of vase abstract sunrise teton mountain reflection abstract blue and dark purple waves abstract peach, purple, and green streaks abstract falling stars abstract orange blur
abstract purple sunset abstract blue ocean waves over beach abstract grey blue stormy ocean abstract white, orange, yellow, green, and blue horizontal lines abstract blue and purple mountains abstract yellow and deep green abyss abstract yellow vertical lines abstract black and white split diagonal horizontal lines abstract copper sunset ocean abstract fall tree
abstract yellow aspen trees against light blue sky abstract bokeh pink, blue, purple, champaigne colored circles abstract mountain top sunset blues abstract grey brown vertical lines abstract afternoon by the water abstract windswept wild grass abstract black and white curves and lines abstract sunlit tree abstract sunset city abstract field of poppies abstract wild horizontal grass abstract wild vertical grass