line and shape

The curves of a petal. The diagonals of a flight of stairs. The shadows that form a shape. These are some of the elements that I seek around me. The beauty is in the lines.

windows at dawn concrete window frames feet at the playground cutting persimmons road to the stars red moon framed by blue clouds sidewalk shadows clouds over cows curves of a closed lily roller coaster curves whipped cloud twilight zone door morning grass elephant blue stairs
moon eclipse diagonal lines at the lake window frame and vases dishes at the sink sitting quietly at the playground building lit up at night wings of an airplane at sunset white petals and stamen second level stairs pink rose petals black and white lily Seattle building clouds over mountain at sunset black and white birds on roof tree branches
San Francisco city line blood moon framed by branches curves in architecture horizontal lines on wall with scattered bird sculptures milky way galaxy over lighthouse in front of fence colorful wall with iron shaped windows little oranges closeup lily shoreline curves at sunset fog over the top of Golden Gate Bridge shadowed man walking up the stairs two buildings closup overhead view lunch for one waves crashing to cliff
pear by window shadow fruit on counter with window blind shadows happy trails snail four carrots ocean and cliff lines bike riding on the Golden Gate Bridge four way crosswalk shadows texture sidewalk Golden Gate Bridge long exposure orchids on a tray table corner purple and yellow toddler things white petals rainbow beam